From an early age, Andrew was captivated by the power of music to tell stories and convey emotions. His earliest memories are of his parents' LP collection - the driving aggression of 'Mars The Bringer of War', the soaring lyricism of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto or the memorable melodies of songs from the shows and popular hymns.  For Andrew, music was always going to be something in which to be actively and creatively engaged!


Childhood piano lessons fed his urge to express himself through music - although it has to be said that his insistence on improvisation and the performance of original material (rather than sticking to established repertoire and the printed score) didn't always endear him to his early tutors! 


Music college exposed Andrew to yet more diverse influences including Jazz, World and Electronic music - the latter leading him to pursue a Masters Degree in Music Technology at the University of York. It was during these studies that he became interested in the creative use of technology in enabling people with disabilities to take part in music making. This passion for inclusion has seen Andrew travel widely, leading workshops and speaking at conferences around the world. 


Andrew continues to marry his education work with his career as a composer, producer and performing artist. His work as a media composer has seen critically acclaimed collaborations with film makers, animation houses and multi-national corporations.


Andrew's recent album, 'HOPE', is a collection of thoughtful and melodic piano solos. "Meditations on light in dark places."