• Andrew Cleaton

Solo Piano

The new album is a collection of pieces performed as piano solos. I’ve always loved the piano. Some of my earliest childhood memories involved the family piano that stood in pride of place in the living room. I always enjoyed exploring the instrument – even long before taking formal piano lessons. Some of my favourite artists are, first and foremost, pianists and much of the music that I love is driven by a piano at its centre.

I studied piano at music college – not really with any serious intentions of becoming a concert pianist but because the piano is a remarkably useful tool with which to explore the world of composition. A piano keyboard covers a huge musical range and is capable of providing melody, chords, rhythms, bass-lines and accompaniment – sometimes all at once! Early on in my musical journey, my fascination with synthesisers made me realise that decent keyboard skills would also give me access to a whole universe of other sounds. And so, whether I’m arranging music for an orchestra, composing a hymn for a choir to sing or producing an electronic score for animation, the piano is where it all starts.

This new album features a number of pieces drawn from 30 years of composing. Anyone who is familiar with any of my other musical projects may recognise some of the instrumental pieces from my Christmas work, “Messiah’s Dawn.” Other, more recent, pieces were only really fully developed and finished during the process of recording them. Others date back much longer than I care to remember! Some of the pieces are like old friends. They’re the patterns that my hands fall into naturally on the keyboard at the end of a long day when I’m just doodling on my own. You might recognise some of the music if you’ve ever seen me play live.

A solo piano recording might seem like a simple undertaking – as I naively assumed before embarking on this project. In truth, there have been a myriad of creative decisions to be taken. The music on this CD represents the culmination of years of fascination with the piano, of countless hours of practice, years of study and the various twists and turns of my life as a composer, producer and recording artist. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

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