• Andrew Cleaton

There's no such thing as a free lunch...

...but there is such a thing as a FREE MIX

Recording musicians, get your track mixed completely FREE OF CHARGE.

If you’re a singer/songwriter, recording artist, community choir, bedroom producer, performing musician, church worship leader, media composer, student or teacher, novice or pro - I’ll mix your recording completely free of charge. £0.00!

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Indie Folk, Grunge Metal, Eno-esque Ambient or Post-Modern Classicism - if you’ve got material recorded in multi-track form, I’ll mix it for you. (Did I mention, that it's completely FREE?)

Why would I do that?

Well, I’ve been using lockdown to tweak a few things in my studio. I’ve changed my mixing templates around, moved some stuff in the room and invested in some new plug-ins. In order to get my head around my new systems and get my ears accustomed to the changes and new possibilities, I’m actively looking for new material to get my mixing teeth into. Of course, I’ve got loads of my own back catalogue to play with but it’s simply not the same. I’m too close to it. I already know it too well. There’s nothing quite like the challenge of coming to new music with fresh, unprejudiced ears!

So, put simply, it’s a WIN-WIN situation. I get to practise and try out some cool new stuff and you get a free mix out of it.

I guess there are two possible outcomes:

1 - You absolutely hate what I’ve done with your track. Never mind! You can rest secure in the knowledge that it never needs to see the light of day. You haven’t wasted a single penny and - what’s more - you can bask in the self satisfied glow of knowing that you helped me out by providing the raw material on which I’ve been able to hone my skills. You never know, it might actually help you clarify what you do, and do not, like!

2 - You love what I’ve done. You get to do what you want with the track (for FREE). All I ask is that my name is attached to the credits wherever it’s released, shared or distributed. You get a mix you’re really happy with and I get a happy customer and the valuable exposure. AND the possibility that you’ll come back to me with a paid job.

If your music hasn’t yet seen the light of day, I’ll try to provide you with a mix that does justice to your vision. Equally, if you’ve got material that has already been mixed and released, why not get in touch and I’ll have a go at coming up with some alternative, more experimental approaches that might shed a different light on your piece.

Obviously, this offer cannot last indefinitely. Once I’ve had chance to do enough mixes to be at home with the new systems, the offer of free mixes will have to end. I can’t say when that will be at this stage as it will depend on the volume of requests. But to be sure of being included, please contact me asap.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch:

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